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Innocent blonde teen posing at the sea

“People say that I’m a very outgoing girl, I think so, because I like to meet new people and to get something new from them (I mean new knowledge). Sometimes I like to sleep too much, particulary on a soft bed. Ones I slept more than 24 hours. I like good weather and to go walking in the park near my house. I love my parents and friends. I hate people who lie and break their promises. I’m a student now, but I’m going to graduate from my university then I start my job as an economist next summer” – thar said beauty innocent brunette Caesaria from Russia. Cute blonde teen has 21 years and petite teen a dancer and also a photomodel. Teen with small tits also a makeup artist.. Petite brunette teen likes big offroad car, my favorite one is the Range Rover Sport.

Being an erotic model is her one of many new passions and outdoor teen so glad to be presented here at Met Art.

Today pretty blonde teen posing at the sea in Sochi. She dressed in short blue top only, but innocent teen takes off it soon. Cute smiled teen posing in various positions and showing her naked young body, her small tits with little nipples and hairy young pussy seems so natural!!!

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Hot busty Surime posing in erotic series

Hi! This is super model from Met-Art. Her name is Surime. She recently finished high school and now thinking about her future career and trying to find a possibility to study at the university. Basically she likes drawing and her favorite style is watercolors and pastel. Also she likes photography and she adores making photos with old film cameras. As most young girls she likes parties and nice music. She could listen to rock and also like classic music too, depending on her mood. During winter she likes skiing and visiting skating rinks. During snowy winter nights she likes to read books.
Today Surime is posing in sexy erotic series. She has redhead hair and beauty green eyes, large breasts and clean pussy. She likes showing her naked body and we see this in the photos. She is posing in different sexy positions. Her body is amazing and we love her body very much. And we dream her see soon:)

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Gorgeous Matjana showing her milky tits

Marjana is a girl from the far North. From Siberia the land of snow, forests and lakes. But the warmth of her personality is more like its hot springs.​

We love her melting smile. It goes perfectly with her eyes that are as blue as ice. Her snow white skin and her voluptuous breasts complete the picture.

She has headed south like an exotic migrating bird to the warmth of the Mediterranean. Her arrival in Barcelona was the first glimpse she has ever had of the sea. Everything is new and exciting to this child of nature. This is her first experience of nude modelling.

She is as passionate about embracing this as she is about taking her sensuous pleasures. Two things that delight her are dancing and drawing. We know that there are more. And from now on they will be our pleasure too.​

Marjana is a lovely fashion designer. Her friends always gave her great support and organized an erotic photoshooting for this young and beautiful babe.

Marjana has caught our eye before, but WOW!!! What a great set. Marjana has ample attributes. However, her pussy is amazing. Her pussy is pretty, photogenic, playfully presented and perfectly photographed. One of the best ever.

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Brunette Jey with huge tits in erotic series

This is busty model from Met-Art. She is Jey. Hot brunette has been learning to become a great makeup artist. She also loves to dance and sing also she teach singing. Her dream is to record an album of songs.
In this set Jey is posing absolutely nude. We love her natural body. She has beauty huge tits and sweet pussy. A woman with a gorgeous body who joyfully shows all of it. Combined with such a pretty face, great brown eyes, and her fantastic long brown hair. That hair, hanging freely, but not hiding her gorgeous breasts: what a woman! Besides she is very flexible, as she shows in these poses. Jey is lovely and we really appreciate these poses. Jey’s bottom has such a delightful form in this kneeling position. Her buttocks have such well defined curves and look so cute. Thanks, Jey, for the shots of your lovely bottom. You present a very feminine image. Lovely breasts, pretty smile, and veins…oh, Jey, how we love your veins! Enjoy your youth and your perfect body. We think you’re swell! Wow, Jey looks fantastic; she is in amazing physical condition, beautiful smile and a perfectly sculpted body.

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Cute angel Anika posing on the bed

Hi! Her name is Anika. She is a very passionate girl who is serious at times, but fun too.  She enjoys reading many articles in the news and also cooking much. Her friend say that she is sexy looking but it always makes her red and they laugh.  She hopes you like her photos!
Stunning girl. Great set. Simple and beautiful. Well done to all. Lovely long blonde hair, nice tits and a fully shaved pussy. Anika has a gorgeous body. We like to sit with here on the sofa. Homely more nude pictures from Anika soon.
Anika is truly angel!!
This girl has certainly mastered the art of the sexy pout, and she certainly shows off her skills amply throughout these photos. Still, there’s something so undeniably sexy about her in this shot. Her hair just the right little bit of unruly, that gleam in her eyes and sly little whip of a smile at the corner of her lips. The look of a woman who’s got her hooks in you, in all of the right ways. She knows it, and we do too… She looks so hot and sexy in this set, her pouty wet lips and smooth undercarriage are mouthwatering.

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Busty brunette ballerine posing in erotic series

Meet busty brunette model from Met-Art! Her name is Bianca. She learned ballet in high school and now ballet is her life. Every day she has ballet lessons and she loves it. In her free time she likes to party with her girlfriends from ballet school. We love to party all the night, especially in the summer going to the beach parties. Her dream is to go to Ibiza for the summer to work as a go-go dancer in the night club.
Today Bianca is posing in sexy erotic series.  She is fabulous. Her body is so well proportioned, soft and nubile yet she is strong and confidently super sexy. In other words HOT! Bianca is gorgeous. She is so beautiful, with breasts so perfect. We like way they’re pointy in this picture, yet they’re sizeable bordering on large. Your vagina and labia are so inviting, we can’t stop thinking about them. She is just awesome! What a wonderful choreographed set unveiling Bianca’s beauty, sexiness, voluptuousness and eroticism. The black ballet tutu, the full display of her naked arousing figure, and the climax with spread eagled views of her lovely vagina. Just doesn’t get any better than this. Bianca, please visit us soon.
My God, she is so perfect and so amazingly beautiful. Every square inch of her is as good as it gets if you ask me. What a gorgeous face and that smile is a killer. We love her confidence in all these fantastic poses too. And why not be confident if you look like she does. She is simply amazing and has leaped to the top of our favorite models. Oh lovely Bianca we hope you can return and share your beauty many more times!

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Brunette Sammy posing in erotic series

Meet Sammy – model from Met-Art! She is studying finance and banking, while working as model, but then she plans to work in a bank. She loves to swim, dance, and watch movies and anything wild and different. She dreams about all sort of crazy and funny things and try to do them, for example driving a sports car. She lives with her beloved cat named Tim. She can also be found on MetCams! Look for her.
Sammy is one of our favorites. In this set, it is great to see her smile returning, for it has been absent in some of her sets for a while. It’s one thing to be pretty and have a sexy body. But, a model’s expresions add something extra and make her and the set special and memorable. Imagine that you are in the room with Sammy, naked and excited before her. Out of the corner of her eye she glances at you with her best seductive smile, and you realize that she totally OWNS you. Good show! She is always such a delight to behold. A simply naturally beautiful, nubile young girl, who is such a great model. Fantastic!
Sammy is posing in erotic series. Pretty girl. Lovely long hair and a very nice bottom. She has real natural beauty. Beautiful…everything…perfect face! We’re in love! In this set, Sammy does not flaunt her pussy or ass. She has nipples to die for! Surely some lucky dude get to feel them!
The most beautiful model on the site, with a fabulous smile, among other attributes!

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Brunette Jey showing huge tits and pussy

Meet super model from Met-Art. This is Jey. She has been learning to become a great makeup artist. She also loves to dance and sing also she teaches singing. Her dream is to record an album of songs.

Today she is posing in erotic series. Jey is showing her naked body. She has huge tits and clean pussy. She looks a great. Jey is a goddess with a beautiful face, eyes, breasts, body, legs and a well exposed vagina and pubic area. Her ‘muffin’ would melt butter, as well as, one’s heart. She is a classic deserving of being on a pedestal, or chiseled in marble to be remembered through the ages. She is unequaled in this collection and on many other sites. Oh what a woman, Jey. From top to bottom: half-long brunette hair, a pretty face with brown eyes and a lovely smile, and then those gorgeous breasts, not hanging, but firm, with nice nipples, a very well-shaped body, and next, indicated by a tiny strip of hair, ….., end finally two fantastic legs. Oh Jey, always so cute and so sexy. We like this playful set. And as one member said so perfectly… this is just where Jey belongs… on a pedestal. : )

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Pretty blonde Eriska posing nude outside

Meet blonde model from Met-Art! Her name is Eriska. She lives in the most beautiful city of the world, St.-Petersburg. She likes to take walks around it in the days and nights. She studies as a designer of clothes, she loves fashionable displays and fashionable magazines. She likes to laugh a lot and she’s always in a good mood. She loves ice-cream and chocolate.

Today Eriska is posing absolutely nude outside. The big bright outdoors, the perfect canvas for this sun kissed little minx. Eriska, as always is utterly irresistible. We love this girl, petite, blond, great body, no inhibitions and loves the outdoors, perfect. Eriska makes us swell with pleasure with poses like this, super cute girl with a smoking hot bottom, her sexuality is intoxicating. Eriska has a great toned and tight body. Very nice!

We have a thing for playful little blondes. They’re like sunshine in a bottle, and Eriska is one of the best. How nice to have the warm summer breeze in December, and her wearing nothing but a smile.

Beautiful, uninhibited, natural and totally sexy – Eriska has been one of our favourite models since she first appeared on Met-art! Just stunning.

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Hot blonde Barbara posing in erotic series

Hi! This is model from Met-Art. Her name is Barbara. She likes people with a sense of humor and such a man for us takes a prevailing place. In her childhood her most favorite doll was Barbie which you have already assumed what her friends call her. Her doll was the most fashionable and she had the most beautiful man.
When we first met Barbara, we were astonished at how beautiful she was. Her skin, her hair, and especially her eyes, were all we could ever ask for in a Met-art beauty. After we got done filming though, we were astonished to discover how sweet she was. Soft, slow & tender are just a few words to describe this lovely young model, but there are so much more.
Barbara has angel face, dreamy eyes, those soft lips waiting for a kiss…Barbara, thank you for this pussy and ass minded set. Wonderful. Hot girl! We love her sexy bra and panty, they really emphasise her delicious nudity. Gorgeous.
Barbara is absolutely gorgeous, and this set is an ass man’s dream come true. We love these explicit close ups, so close we can almost taste it, and oh how we would love to. This is very hot set.
One of the best sets ever. Amazing girl, wonderful poses. Thanks :)

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Pretty Milena posing in erotic series

Hi! This is model from met-art. Looking at Milena is like seeing an angel. Her perfectly smooth skin and impeccable body make it hard not to fall in love with immediately. In person Milena is very approachable and kind. In fact, she can be very shy when it comes to anyone complimenting on her looks.

Today Milena is posing in sexy erotic series. She has pretty, virgin body. Lovely and graceful curves. Her body is beautiful: great tits, ass, and pussy. We are very lovely. She’s a keeper.

Milena, you are positively adorable!!! Erik and you have provided us with a very, very warm, sexy, and appealing set of photos! Bravo!!!

Wow! What a beauty! Welcome to Met-Art Milena.-Hope to see you again real soon!

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Hot Lusi shoing body on the couch

Meet sexy model from Met-Art! Her name is Lusi. She likes traveling a lot, visiting old historical places, remnants from our ancestors. She also likes horse riding and she designed clothes for exhibitions for the last two years. Brunette girl likes sports & she visits her fitness center three days a week.
Today Lusi is posing in sexy erotic series. She is pretty lady with a great smile…dream girl, slender, small perky breasts, round booty, and eyes that make one melt!  Lusi likes sexy clothes. She also likes showing her perfect body on the couch at home. Her body is gorgeous. Her nice tits with nipples very pretty look at this background. She has brunette hair, big green eyes, and nice smile. She is showing her long legs and clean pussy.

Welcome, Lusi! Your tits and your pussy look very interesting and delicious! Will you pose again for us, please???

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Petite blonde Milena in erotic series

Meet model from Met-Art! Her name is Milena. Her dream is to become a clothing designer. She loves making different combinations in clothing and creating outfits for her friends. She is currently a student of economics. In her free time she visits lots of museums and theaters.

Looking at Milena is like seeing an angel. Her perfectly smooth skin and impeccable body make it hard not to fall in love with immediately. In person Milena is very approachable and kind. In fact, she can be very shy when it comes to anyone complimenting on her looks.

Today Milena is posing in sexy positions. She has sexy blue eyes and blonde hair, nice tits and virgin pussy. Her body is a luxurious. She has smooth and very sexy armpits..

Great nudes of adorable Milena! Love her cute smile. Also so glad to see her completely nude from start to finish. Such a lovely and natural little body!

Really like this girl. She is very genuine and playful.

Dear Milena. We like this full-length shot of your lovely body. Your breasts, nipples, pussy, legs, feet and face are just the GREATEST!

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Pretty brunette Assoly posing outside

Hi! This is pretty model from Met-Art. She is a feminine, life-loving, emotional, optimistic person with a good sense of humor. She loves romance with an open-minded, cheerful, sociable, kind and intelligent man. Her other interests are sports, computers and learning of the English language.

Welcome Assoly. Petite brunette Teen is posing absolutely nude outside. She likes showing her perfect young body. Brunette girl has pretty tits and virgin pussy, beautiful calves, lovely ass

Wow, what an introduction…She is absolutely flawless from the top of her head to–sure, I’ll say it again–the sweet soles of her feet. Welcome to Met-Art, Assoly… Darling, you have most certainly come to the right place. The only question is, how soon and how often will we see you again? Hopefully the answer is, Very, and very…

Nice series with Assoly in the woods! She looks very sexy and shows her nice tits and lovely shaved pussy in a lot of hot poses.

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Petite blonde Virginia posing in yellow stockings

Meet blonde model from Met-Art! She works n public relations. Pretty girl really wanted to turn into a white swan, and love herself. She got this by filming in erotica as a way to show herself to be a little more confident. Her hobbies are roller-skating, dancing and collecting magnets depicting different cities. Our life is so short and you need to try yourself in different spheres of activity, especially if you can does it right way.

Today Virginia is posing at home. She is showing her young body. Pretty girl has long beauty blonde hair and green eyes, sweet small tits and hot clean pussy. She loves to wear sexy clothes, especially stockings and lace panties Blonde Teen is showing absolutely naked body on the coffee table and on the couch in this set.

Virginia, you are the most beautiful person in the world… You have got the prettiest face and the rest is just perfect… Thank you for a wonderful uplifting moment. This girl is still my Queen. It is so good to see her back again. Virginia is just so lovely!

Sexy though the fishnet stockings are, I always prefer to see Virginia completely nude. Can’t ever see enough of this flawlessly beautiful woman!


I love this shot and the stockings. Thank you Virginia and Met-Art. I hope we see more of Virginia soon.

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Brunette Loreen posing nude on the car

Meet brunette model from Met-Art. Her name is Loreen. She loves pets, especially cats. She has 2 in my house 1 white and 1 black. Pretty teen is good alpine skier because she likes the snow and speed. Beauty girl enjoys when her friends are around her and she dislikes being alone even for one day. Posing nude for photos is something new for her and she really likes it. She thinks that it is something that could make the world better. The woman’s body and emotions are the flowers to please her eyes.

Today Loreen is showing her perfect body on the car outside. Hot teen with blue eyes has nice tits and clean pussy.

The girl of my dreams is indeed like Loreen, with a body like Loreen’s, who loves being naked as often as she can be, who loves posing like Loreen, and who would provide me with some emotional support, not emotional dependency of course, but a pleasant sharing of feelings. I don’t know if the real life Loreen can do this, but if she can her boyfriend is the luckiest man in the world.

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Hot blonde Bridget relax on the bed

This beauty blonde model from Met-Art! She was born and raised in a small town in Russia. Blonde girl is not afraid of the cold and she loves winter. In the winter, beauty teen enjoys walking and she skies and ice skate. Pretty girl adore creating beauty and she likes to treat friends with the culinary masterpieces that she has been learning. She is going to school to be a chef.

Today Bridget is posing in sexy erotic series. She is showing her gorgeous athletic body in sexy clothes. Beauty Teen has long blonde hair, green eyes, sweet tits and clean wet pussy. She really looks absolutely delicious, her legs are fabulous. Hot Bridget, the best things in life are in this picture!!!. Your shaved kitten is your best part of your hot body!

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 Blonde Candice showing perfect body

Hi! Meet sexy blonde models from Met-Art. Her name is Candice B. She is from Ukraine.

Hot blonde likes to go dancing and to watch dances. She likes beautiful and stylish clothes and positive art. Also busty teen enjoy to sunbathe and to eat fish and rice. Her hobby is history, especially Greek ancient culture. She likes very much to look at herself in a mirror and especially she likes her breasts.

Today Candice is posing in erotic series. She posing in shot skirt. Pretty girl has long blonde hair, brown eyes and sweet smile. Beauty lady likes showing her pretty tits with puffy nipples, clean pussy and long legs. Candice likes to carry a sexual black shoe.

Hot blonde teen, you are absolutely gorgeous; please don’t change your style. Some guys keep asking for close-ups, but the only close-ups I want to see, Leonardo, are portraits of these most distinguished lovely ladies. God bless you dear Candice and Leonardo for these truly uplifting works of art.

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Sexy busty Katy relax nude outside

Hello she is Katy! She loves travelling and she has visited many countries. Her favorite was the United States and hot brunette hopes to live there one day. Pretty girl went to Miami and it was beautiful, sunny and very much fun. She also loves animals and I have 2 dogs and a huge cat.

Today Katy is posing absolutely nude in the wood. She has brown eyes and sweet smile. Beauty teen is showing her huge tits with puffy nipples. Her body is beautiful and sexy. She likes relax nude outside.

Thanks, Katy, for allowing us to see your lovely naked bottom. Your buttocks are so sweet and beautiful. We just love that beauty spot.

Wow! Yet another perfect beauty from met-art. Katy has a divinely made body, perfect proportion. With that long wavy brunette hair, and the sunny smiling face, we hope we see many more galleries with her in the future.

Katy is absolutely gorgeous!!! Her body is absolutely incredible, a beautiful work of art! Met-art has found their newest star! She has to become a featured model!!!

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Busty redhead Daria posing in rd stockings

Hi! This is redhead busty girl from Met-art. Her name is Daria. She is from Ukraine.

She likes to sing and dance. Hot redhead would love to create her own rock-group. Busty girl likes to travel and communicate with different people. She thinks that London is the capital of rock music, so it’s her dream to go there.

Daria loves chocolate, laying around in the sun, McDonald’s, animals and, of course her family. She really dislike overly nice people and oysters, they are both slimy!

Hot redhead has round big tits with puffy nipples. When she is takes off her cloth and stay really naked on the nature. You can see her gorgeous body, her nude puffy nipples and tight pussy. Her friends say that she look like a Barbie doll with her sun hair and big green eyes and full red lips. She does not mind :)

Daria  posing in erotic series. Pretty Teen from Ukraine showing her tits with puffy nipples. Now she dressed in red stockings. Then shy coed takes off her cloth and you can see her absolutely naked and perfect body.

We love this girl; she has got the total package, beautiful face, hot sexy body, yummy breasts and a really sweet ass. Nice variety of poses, great photography.

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